MTC CNC Solutions

Invested in Your Success

MTC is a domestic manufacturer of world-class CNC machinery for clients throughout North and South America.

Located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where a strong work ethic and pride in quality workmanship are a way of life. We have a deep bench, a big toolbox, and we answer only to our clients. MTC is committed to maintaining a reputation of building high quality, world class CNC machinery with engineering excellence, superior performance and technology, knowledge, and support.

Automation is essential for the continued success of all global manufacturers. Count on our partnership to understand your unique challenges and exceed your expectations. Reach out for a conversation that could change your business!

The MTC Way

World Class

We strive to be of the best in our industry while accessible to our marketplace.

Customer Driven

We meet our customer's expectations with dedication to continuous improvement.


We aim to meet our standards of "Quality, Throughput, Priority" in all aspects of our job performance.


We are responsible for our performance. We plan, measure, pursue, dedicate, adjust, and learn. We offer more when needed and celebrate when appropriate.


We plan, design, schedule, budget, build, and deliver with intention and perseverance.


We are driven to be industry experts in Engineering, Design, Planning, Manufacturing, Assembly, and Customer Support.

Innovative & Creative

We produce solutions that are World Class. We embrace technology. We seek elegance in simplicity.

Driven for Personal Improvement

As individuals we make mistakes, and our methods are not always the best. We acknowledge that we can learn and improve our personal actions and contributions.

Team Players

We collaborate across all boundaries. We seek out and obtain information. We ask, teach, learn, help, encourage and motivate. We are socially conscious, professional and appropriate. The good of the many outweighs the good of the one.

Growing & Profitable

We seek company growth through logical product line expansions and finding new avenues to market our core technologies. We acknowledge that to do other things we must be profitable.

Our Environment

We're safe, organized, clean, tidy, professional, and impressive.

We are all of these, always, at once.

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