FLEX Series

Nesting & General Routing

Meet the FLEX™ Table CNC routers, revolutionizing CNC technology with unmatched versatility, 5,600IPM speeds, and advanced encoders, the FLEX Series is your ultimate investment.

Vertical CNC General Nesting Router, Flex series model Flex VR 512 by Machine Tool Camp

Maximize Your Potential With The FLEX Table From MTC

The Flex Table CNC machines offer Nesting and Pod-&-Rail functionality with “Infinite Pod Positioning.” Industry leading Advance-Vacuum-Following delivers the best vacuum holding possible by dynamically boosting vacuum pressure in the Cut-Zone. Offered with a full array of traditional options and tables sizes ranging from 5’x10’ to 8’x40’

Side-view of the General Nesting and Routing CNC machine by Machine Tool Camp. Model VR 510 Flex.

Technical Details


Standard Features

  • 5’x10’ Vacuum Table
  • 13HP, 18,000RPM, 3-Axis Spindle
  • 9 Pocket Automatic Tool Changer
  • Multi-Spindle Drill Unit
  • Part Location Pins
  • 200CFM Vacuum Pump at 28inHg
  • On-Board, Continuous, Long-Term
    Lubrication bearing technology
  • High Velocity Dust Collection

Optional Features

  • 5,700+ IPM Rapid Travel
  • Absolute Encoders with Forever Square
    Bridge Technology
  • High Output VFD
  • MPG (Hand-Wheel)
  • Spoil-Board Thickness Management
  • “See-It Before you Cut-It” Simulation

Where Flexibility Meets Precision

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