Gemini Nester

Split-bridge CNC Nesting Router

Nesting with two spindles in cut on full size nested sheets offers the highest throughput in the industry.

Gemini Nester Split-Bridge CNC Router, featuring two machine cutting heads in green. Model Gemini 512 by Machine Tool Camp

High Throughput Nesting

The Gemini “Split-Bridge” nesting machine offers Left and Right bridges, each containing a router spindle and multi-spindle drill unit. The result is two spindles/drill-units cutting simultaneously on a fully nested sheet of material. Operation of the machine is executed traditional, “G & M Code” program, via traditional post-processor methods. Special programming is not needed and the result is nested sheet processing in 40% less time.

Technical Details


Standard Features

  • 5′ x 10′ Vacuum Table
  • 13HP, 18,000 RPM, 3-Axis Spindle
  • Dual 8 Pocket Automatic Tool Changers
  • Two Multi-Spindle Drill Unit
  • Part Location Rails and Pins
  • 340CFM Vacuum System at 28inHg
  • On-Board, Continuous, Long-Term Lubrication bearing technology

Optional Features

  • 5,700+ IPM Rapid Travel
  • Absolute Encoders with Forever Square Bridge Technology
  • 10,000RPM Drilling Speed
  • High Output VFD
  • MPG (Hand-Wheel)
  • Spoil-Board Thickness Management
  • “See-It Before you Cut-It” Simulation

Advanced Split-Bridge Machining

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