Extrusion Mill

extrusion/Pultrusion Processing

The Extrusion Mill, powered by a multi-thread industrial controller and industry-standard G & M codes, efficiently machines aluminum, plastic, and composite.

Aluminum Extrusion CNC router by MTC
Close-up view of the sawing tool on the MTC HARP 7713-AL 5-axis CNC extrusion mill

Multi-Head processing

The easy way to machine complex profiles of aluminum, plastic and composites! Available with 3, 4, or 5 axis capabilities allowing for processing on five faces with a single set-up. Achieve higher throughput with multiple spindles in cut simultaneously on parts up to 31 feet long.

Technical Details


Standard Features

  • Single Machining Head
  • 13HP, 18,000RPM, 3-Axis Spindle
  • Five standard clamping Fixtures
  • Pneumatic soft-jaw clamping
  • 35mm X-Axis Profile Rails
  • On-Board, Continuous, Long-Term Lubrication bearing technology
  • Head Enclosure with negative pressure for
    swarf mitigation

Optional Features

  • Multiple Head configurations (1-4)
  • 4 & 5-Axis ability with RTCP
  • Chip Conveyance System with swarf/drop separation
  • Automatic Fixture positioning
  • Custom profile Soft-Jaws
  • Automatic Tool Changers

Multi-Material Extrusion Machining

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