Trimming, Assembly, Cutting, Sanding

Our Robot Systems are compact machines with advanced robotic capabilities and exceptional mobility, ensuring efficient and accurate automated tasks.

Robot Cabinet Door Sander by Machine Tool Camp
Robot Cabinet Door Sander by Machine Tool Camp

Cabinet Door Sanding

Purpose built for Cabinet Door Sanding, this robotic system includes fully automated loading and unloading. With “Door Sense” the system recognizes and measures Raised Panel Doors, Arched Panel Doors, Shaker Type Doors, MDF Doors, etc. automatically. Sanding media is automatically changed when needed.

Portable Robot Trimmer, CNC machinery by MTC

General Trimming, Cutting, Sanding

Purpose Built Robotic Systems fill labor gaps allowing your staff to focus on their true craft. Perfectly suited and easily programmed, robots are affordable, reliable, and ready to work. They’re flexible, portable, and making a mark in trimming, routing, sanding, assembly, and more. Machine Tool Camp is leading the Robot Revolution within your industry.

Automated Robot Assembly by Machine Tool Camp

Robot Assembly

Assembly Robotic Systems have the ability to arrange various parts, assemble them, apply adhesive, screws, stables, nails, etc. Assembly applications include furniture, drawer boxes, case goods, weather stripping insertion, foam application, etc.

Technical Details



  • 1 to 13HP Routing and Trimming
  • Processing wood, plastic composites, soft metals, etc.
  • Automatic Tool Changers
  • Tooling you already know
  • Programming with CAD/CAM
  • Multiple size work envelopes
  • Digital safety fencing
  • Pendulum Processing
  • 7th Axis (Robot moving along track)
  • Flexible work holding

Robot Systems, Your Ultimate CNC Companion

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