Door Threshold

Threshold Machining

Our advanced CNC system efficiently produces standard and custom thresholds, achieving maximum throughput through simultaneous multihead processing and auto load features.

Door Threshold, Door Frame CNC Router By MTC

Standard & Custom Thresholds

State of the art CNC processing of aluminum and fiberglass, inswing, outswing, and ADA Thresholds. Processing capabilities include notching, double notching, and precision cut-to-length. Single or multi-head configurations offering throughput over 1,200 parts per shift. Semi-automatic loading from an inspection/buffer station with factory integrated robotic loading. Return Conveyor allows for single person operation.

Technical Details


Standard Features

  • Single Machining Head with 5HP, horizontal saw motor
  • Standard and French-Door Thresholds
    from 29” to 74” long
  • Inswing, Outswing and ADA profiles
  • Mechanical clamping
  • On-Board, Continuous, Long-Term Lubrication bearing technology
  • Full Machine Enclosure with negative
    pressure for swarf mitigation

Optional Features

  • Dual Head configuration for higher throughput
  • Automatic Length Adjustment
  • Chip Conveyance
  • Robotic Loading System with inspection/buffer in-feed
  • Return Conveyor for single person Operation

CNC Technology for Standard & Custom Thresholds

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