Door Jamb CNC

Door Jamb Machining Center

Utilizing advanced CNC technology with a multi-thread programmable controller and variable-speed Electro-Spindles, this machine crafts standard and custom door jambs.

CNC router for processing door jambs by MTC
Door Jamb CNC machine processing wooden door jambs.

Advanced CNC Door Jamb Processing

Engineered specifically for hinge and strike prep in wood, composite, and cellulose Jambs, with integrated “door stop” or applied-stop variations. Processing capabilities include hinge pockets, pre-drills, strike pockets, dead-bolt, multi-point lock features, head/sill dado, and precision cut-to-length. Single or multi-head configurations offering throughput from 300 to 4,000 parts per shift with as little as 0.2 full time labor equivalents. Load manually, semi-automatically, or direct from the pallet with factory integrated robotics.

Technical Details


Standard Features

  • Single machining head with 3HP routing and 1HP drilling spindles
  • Four door jamb clamping fixtures
  • Standard Jamb Sizes up to 8-7/8”
  • Jamb lengths up to 100” long
  • Hardware face reference for accurate feature depths
  • On-Board, Continuous, Long-Term Lubrication bearing technology

Optional Features

  • Multiple head configurations (1-4)
  • Automatic fixture positioning
  • Simultaneous Strike/Dead-Bolt processing
  • Head/Sill Dado processing spindles
  • Chip Conveyance System
  • Automatic loading solutions

Cutting-Edge CNC Door Jamb Processing

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